Army of Thieves

Directed by

Matthias Schweighöfer

Produced by

Deborah Snyder, p.g.a
Zack Snyder, p.g.a
Wesley Coller, p.g.a
Dan Maag,
Matthias Schweighöfer

Commissioned by

Pantaleon Films and The Stone Quarry

Safes, ingenious thieves, car chases – the Netflix production Army of Thieves has everything you could wish for. Of course we were very happy when director Matthias Schweighöfer called us. Our mission? The title design.

Metal, neon, 80s, Japan, superheroes: designing the title for Army of Thieves was an exciting adventure. We felt like we had travelled through numerous stylistic spheres until we finally captured the vibe of the movie perfectly and made everyone happy.

Our task was the entire motion design for the presentation of the movie. The central and most important element was the design of the main title.

From this, we developed the location titles and individual logos for the four heroes – each with their own individual character and talent, of course. The result: an animated metal font in 3D, whose different variations from main titles to character titles to location titles are coherent and fit the movie.

This project was created extremely quickly, at the Hollywood pace of three months. Even though the design was scrapped halfway through and we had to start all over again: “Marketing is going in another direction?” – “Challenge accepted.”

behind the scenes


Thanks to our friends at Aixsponza who aided and abetted us in animating the titles.

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