Commissioned by

Bayerischer Rundfunk

Editorial department BR

Birgitta Kaßeckert, Stefan Gundel, Tina Petersen

Megaherz (Producers)

Sarah Müller, Antonia Simm

Julian sets out as a modern wannabe adventurer who doesn’t take himself too seriously and meets real heroes who help him on his CheXpedition: inventors, DIY experts, scientists, adventurers. The goal is always to join forces to create something, placing the CheXpedition in a large, even global context. One thing is clear: the Checker will not be able to save the planet alone. But when Julian takes one small step in the right direction, his viewers move with him. And who knows, maybe some of them will start their own CheXpedition.

Explaining things in a way that children can easily understand, and hopefully remember, is always a challenge. But this is one of our key skills. We don’t shy away from any topic. We believe children will be interested in anything if you introduce them to the topic properly, and there is hardly anything you can’t explain to them.

“CheXpedition” is one of German television’s edutainment programmes for children. In 30 exciting episodes, the topics of sustainability, environment and nature are introduced to children. The episodes can be watched on, in the KiKA player and the ARD Mediathek, as well as in the BR Mediathek and on the YouTube channel Checker World (almost 500,000 subscribers).

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