Die Checker-Webshow

Commissioned by

Bayerischer Rundfunk

Editorial department BR

Birgitta Kaßeckert, Monika E. Schweiger, Tina Petersen


Sarah Müller, Antonia Simm, Amelie Cran, Lena Stolz, David Birzer, Judith Issig

“Die Checker-Webshow” is an interactive edutainment (late night) show for children with Checker Tobi and Checker Julian. Each episode is devoted to a relevant topic: e.g. school, the future, children’s rights or more complex content such as the American electoral system or the federal election, which the Checkers explore with their usual curiosity. Based on well-known late night formats, Tobi and Julian sit at a desk and even have their own show band. As always, various buzzers and funny clips present the information in a humorous and entertaining way.

When Covid-19 really took off in the spring of 2020, we produced individual, off-the-cuff clips on the subject. Tobi and Julian shot the material in their own homes, then it was sent to a colleague who edited the clips, again from home. It was all so popular that we were keen to turn it into a stand-alone show.

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