Farm Rebellion


Disney +

Created by

Martin Tischner


Christian Cull, Pauline Roenneberg


Johannes Obermaier

Based on an idea by

Doris Dörrie


Benedikt Bösel, Dr. Auma Obama, Jean-Martin Fortier, Heidi Bjerkan, Ernst Götsch, Isabella Tree, Karen Washington, Annie Novak

On June 14, “FARM REBELLION” will premiere on Disney+. The six-part series is the first Disney+ original docu-series produced in Germany. The focus is on the innovative farm “Gut&Bösel” in Brandenburg, which is testing a radical new type of farming in the fight against climate change.

Over 90 days of filming, a team of experts from all over the world was accompanied as they tackled the challenges facing agriculture today. One of the participants was Dr. Auma Obama, half-sister of former U.S. President Barack Obama and initiator and CEO of the Sauti Kuu Foundation, which promotes sustainable and ecological growth in Kenya. The global view was important to us from the beginning. The topic should not only be seen through white German glasses, but also be illuminated by people whose reality of life is completely different.

For Doris Dörrie, the global consequences of climate change were the most important driver for the project: “We have to change our lives! And we have to change our agriculture! “Gut&Bösel” gave us the chance to tell this story in an exemplary way. We were able to accompany their experiments and concepts of innovative land use for over a year.”

More than 270 hours of raw material were used to create the most elaborate documentary series in our company’s history. More than 120 employees behind the camera put in an impressive performance in two years of production time. This production is a milestone in our documentary film portfolio in terms of scope and quality.

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