665 Freunde


megaherz, ja mai film

Co-produced by

University of Television and Film Munich

Written and directed by

Jonas Gernstl

Produced by

Maia Bäckmann, Jana-Maria Kreutzer, Franz X. Gernstl, Fidelis Mager

What do you want from life? Are you doing something that really fulfils you? Are you happy?

Since he turned 30, these annoying questions have been gnawing at director Jonas Gernstl. Still no children, no wealth, no Hollywood career. He lives and studies with no particular goal, and on weekends he gets drunk with his best friends.

On Hangover Sundays, Jonas enviously scrolls through the feeds of his 665 friends on Facebook. They win prizes, make babies, travel the world… It all looks amazing! But how do they manage to achieve all that?

The director embarks on a humorous journey to meet his Facebook friends. He meets a war journalist who risks her life for her job, a couple looking for a new perspective in the forest, and an old school friend who finds fulfillment in selling sweatpants for 5,000 euros.

The result is an entertaining and exciting portrait of a generation, featuring characters who could not be more different.

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