Kinder, wie geht’s? Der große Report mit Tobi Krell

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Madleen, Noel, Tobias, Aarin, Anna-Sophie, Cesur, Adam, Silas, Excellence & Exalted

Executive Producer

Johannes Honsell

Line producer

Florian Eckenweber

Production manager

Lavinia Wagemans

Idea and Concept

Johannes Honsell, Tobias Krell

Head writer

Annika Franke


Tobias Krell

In his three-and-a-half-hour VOX documentary, presenter Tobi Krell accompanies ten children and teenagers for over a year and takes stock of children’s rights in Germany. While the world is looking for solutions to the Covid pandemic, the Ukraine war and environmental crises, the young protagonists are preoccupied with other issues. Tobi Krell’s portrait provides an honest but also harrowing look at the world through the eyes of children. He asks the question that is often forgotten: “Kids, how are you?”

Filming ten children for a year was a huge challenge, especially during the pandemic. Under the coordination and guidance of head writer Annika Franke, the directors shot compassionate portraits, such as that of foster child Noel. In the documentary, he sees his father again for the first time in one and a half years. His father was in prison, his parents neglected him. When Tobi asks him what he often had to do without, unlike other children, he says: “Light, food, electricity.”

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