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Gerd Schuster


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Gerd Schuster’s life has been one long story of betrayed trust and a fierce yearning for freedom. His rocky path led the now 46-year-old to his vocation: becoming a renowned dog trainer for particularly dangerous cases. He has learned to understand dogs with problems better than other trainers and is exceptionally good at dealing with them and their owners.

The formerly homeless punk has been working with people and their dogs for about 20 years. Today, he is not only a dog trainer but also an expert and consultant for listed dogs and dogs with behavioural issues. He is considered  one of the top experts in the field of canine aggression in Germany.

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Gerd Schuster lives with his wife, his two grown-up children, his grandmother, and a motley group of dogs in the small Middle Franconian town of Weiltingen. Together with his wife Carmen, he has built up a business there – the dog centre Mittelfranken. In addition to the family’s detached home, the large property includes a training centre, a number of heated kennels and several outdoor enclosures. Among them is one for three dingoes that Gerd was asked to foster by a university institute. The animals are currently looked after by Gerd, his wife and their son Elija. The house is also home to another six dogs and two disabled cats. Only Gerd moved out recently: “I love Carmen, we are still married but currently separated.”

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