Die Erfindung Bayerns

Commissioned by

Bayerischer Rundfunk

Written by

Christian Springer

Directed by

Alexander Saran

Camera Operator

Johannes Obermaier


Angela Ascher, Ilse Aigner, Uli Hoeneß, Christian Stückl, Konstantin Wecker

2 x 45 Minutes / 2018

Since the death of King Ludwig II, a lot has happened in his former kingdom.

So it’s high time to take another look at his beloved Bavaria. Together with Angela Ascher, the fairytale prince takes a road trip through Bavaria, checking up on his citizens, monitoring technical progress – and discovering the iPad. A journey in four parts to a Bavaria that has some surprises in store – not only for its king. “Die Erfindung Bayerns” offers a completely new and entertaining look at the Bavarian myth.

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