Checker Tobi und das Geheimnis unseres Planeten

Written and directed by

Martin Tischner


Tobi Krell





Checker Tobi’s greatest adventure begins on a pirate ship in the middle of the ocean where he discovers a message in a bottle. If he solves the riddle it contains, he will unravel the mystery of our planet. And so he starts out on an exciting treasure hunt around the earth.

Tobi climbs up the crater of a fire-breathing volcano, dives with seadragons in the Pacific, explores the remotest regions of the Arctic with climate researchers and ends up in India during the driest period of the year. In Mumbai he becomes a Bollywood star before the monsoon completely transforms the megametropolis. Finally, Tobi realises that the solution to the riddle was right in front of his eyes the whole time.

The hero from the children’s channel KiKa finally conquers the big screen. The feature film “Checker Tobi und das Geheimnis unseres Planeten” is even more fun, more exciting and more emotional than Tobi’s TV reports. An adventure movie for all the family.

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