Lecker aufs Land

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Editorial department SWR

Imogen Nabel und Stefanie von Ehrenstein

As part of a friendly competition, six women travel to each others’ farms in turn in a vintage bus and cook a three-course meal for each other.

“Lecker aufs Land” is not only about cooking, but about different personalities as they get to know and appreciate each other, inviting us into their family lives. What does modern agriculture in Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Wuerttemberg look like? Who are the people behind the farms? What problems do they face? And what are their passions?

After 14 seasons, you’d think that the series has run its course. And yet there are always new exciting stories – because people are unique.

In each new season, six strangers set out on a culinary journey through the Southwest, becoming friends along the way. They open up, show commitment and, last but not least, share plenty of laughs.

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