Die Yoganauten

Project Supervision Netflix

Andreas Laux

Created by

Johannes Honsell und Sara Steinert

Directed by

Johannes Honsell

Yoga teacher

Sara Steinert

Ella's Voice

Marina Blanke

Art Direction

Carolin Flammang


Axel Bahro und Lorenz Bahro – „Puppets in Minutes“


Suzi Giebler

A megaherz Production for Netflix

What’s pink, fluffy and a bit bonkers? Right – we’re talking about Ella, the weird almost-unicorn who has been larking around for children since winter 2021 on Netflix Germany’s YouTube channel. With the patience of a saint and a touch of humour, yoga teacher Sara guides her crazy hand puppet friend through a whole series of exciting, funny and relaxing yoga classes in colourful fantasy worlds.

To bring this project to life, we really pulled out all the stops: sweaty green screen battles, a billion photoshop layers and a whole lot of fun! The project was a huge adventure, and not only for Ella. The result was a whole seven episodes of first-class yoga for children. MVP on set was of course yoga goddess Sara Steinert, whose stamina and good humour are second to none.

To stay on top of things during the shoot, we keyed Sara and Ella live on set, i.e. digitally set them apart from the green screen background. By doing this, we were able to eliminate most of the green screen errors directly. Our talented puppeteers did a great job, bringing Ella to life using every trick in the book and making us laugh on a regular basis. That’s what makes working in the studio fun.

A crazy project with a crazy crew and an even crazier protagonist!

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