Commissioned by

Netflix Germany
Zeitsprung Pictures
CV Medien


Created by Hanno Hackfort, Richard Kropf, Bob Konrad

With Dimitrij Schaad and Jella Haase

Kleo used to carry out hits as a Stasi assassin, now she herself is the target. After serving a prison sentence for a crime she never committed, she returns after the fall of the Berlin Wall to find out who destroyed her life. But her vendetta is starting to rock the boat. Police officer Sven, who thinks this could be the case of a lifetime, is suddenly the least of her problems when another professional hitman is sent after her with an order “from the top”. As the conspirators’ death toll gets higher, things are heating up for Kleo as well…

Thanks to our friends at CV Medien, who have once again entrusted us with a particularly delectable title project. And to our besties at Aixsponza who built the wonderful 3D cellar including the mosaic. By the way, Kleo’s mosaic consists of 16784 individual stones. And all of them were placed by hand.

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