Checker Tobi und die Reise zu den fliegenden Flüssen

Buch und Regie

Johannes Honsell


Tobi Krell, Marina Blanke





Following the huge success of Checker Tobi und das Geheimnis unseres Planeten (Checker Tobi and the Secret of our Planet) with over 500,000 viewers, the second exciting feature film by the popular KiKA presenter is finally coming to the big screen in 2023: In Checker Tobi und die Reise zu den fliegenden Flüssen (Checker Tobi and the Journey to the Flying Rivers), everything revolves around a mysterious treasure chest that Tobi receives one day. But the box is locked, and only one person has the key: Marina – globetrotter and Tobi’s best friend from childhood. But where is she? The search for her also marks the beginning of Tobi’s greatest adventure to date.

The journey takes him to Vietnam to the largest cave in the world, to the famous Halong Bay with its thousands of limestone islands, across the stormy South China Sea, to nomads in the Mongolian steppe and to indigenous people in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. Always with one goal in mind: to solve the riddle of the treasure chest and find the mysterious flying rivers.

Checker Tobi and the journey to the flying rivers – a documentary adventure film to amaze, reflect and laugh for the whole family.

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