Gernstls Reisen – Auf der Suche nach Irgendwas

Buch und Regie

Jonas Gernstl
Franz X. Gernstl


Franz X. Gernstl
HP Fischer
Stefan Ravasz



Three friends, one bus, hundreds of stories: Since 1983, Franz Gernstl has been traveling the world with his companions HP Fischer and Stefan Ravasz, always on the lookout for … yes, what actually? They don’t really know themselves, they let themselves be surprised. Chance decides who they meet. Over the course of four decades, they have met strange characters, courageous women, mavericks, everyday philosophers and artists. And they let them tell them what makes them happy.

„Gernstls Reisen – Auf der Suche nach irgendwas” is garnished with a look behind the scenes: The filmmakers reveal how their documentaries are made, what they get up in arms about, and what they’ve found out about life on their travels.

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